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"I love the video...the ladies are  thrilled about learning the basic 6  count, and I'm thrilled because we can both learn together."
James M., Columbia, SC

"The video worked well for me because the instructor (s) taught the count, which is fundamental to knowing how to do the dance. I
also appreciated that each count was taught before you went on to the next one. I also like that everyone moved in unison when training."
D. P., Melrose Park, IL



Learn How to Chicago Step on DVD!

Level I Instructional Video
"Learn the fundamentals of Chicago-style Steppin'"

DVD Highlights:


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Benefits of our Instructional Video:

  • Learn at your own pace in the privacy and comfort of your own home

  • Reinforce and practice the steps you learned in class by training with your instructors on video every day

  • Class location too far or not convenient?  Save time, gas & money driving and use your video as often as you like, at your convenience

  • No fighting for floor space or attention in a group class

  • Videos make great birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.



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